Past Weekly Shonen Magazine Rankings

The Weekly Shonen Jump rankings which can be found here are those from issue 13 of 2010 to the last issue of the previous year. 
The current rankings and information on how the rankings work can be found on the main blog PharaoDopazo .

Please note:
The dates listed are from the release dates and not those printed on the magazines.
This does not affect the rankings in any way.

Please also note that Mou, Shimasen Kara which ran between 2004-2012 and the series that replaced it, Chotto Morimashita (2012 onwards) are never included in the ranks as they were and are always in last place.

Gravure Page - These pages are found among the first couple of pages of the magazine. It will contain information and photos of Idols, Actress, Singers, Models.
Weekly Shonen Magazine 2012 #32
Like above the photos may vary. Some might model in bikinis or in extravagant clothing. The manga series tend to follow after these Gravure Pages.